InSTREAM applications in ecotoxicology

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A new publication from the UK explores use of our InSTREAM model for evaluating population-level effects of contaminant chemicals: Hazlerigg, C. R. E., K. S. Mintram, C. R. Tyler, L. Weltje, and P. Thorbek. Harnessing modeling for assessing the population relevance of exposure to endocrine-active chemicals. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, DOI: 10.1002/etc.5640. The authors provide a completed EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) Good Modelling Practice Checklist for InSTREAM.

At the University of Windsor, Ontario, Kathleen Church and Christina Semeniuk are preparing a publication on their use InSTREAM to investigate interactions between trout personality traits (dominance, boldness) and concentrations of microplastics in the environment in affecting populations.